Sutindo for Partners

Business Strategy

As a privately-held company, Sutindo opens to cooperate with third parties in many ways. It’s our strategy to drive sustainable revenue growth and healthy cash flow by continuously expanding our networks nationwide and seeking other good partners to synergize with our companies to always deliver the best values to our customers.

Good Corporate Governance

We are deeply committed to provide continuing insight and clarity into our governance process, which leads us to the best-run company in the industry. As part of this commitment, we implement several managerial tools, such as total quality management known as Sutindo Management System. Other tools like Balanced Scorecard help the boards and all levels of management from top to bottom participate in a more effective and efficient governance process, while the business process is optimized using SAP and other proven ERP system.

Diversified in Metals and Other Businesses

Our diversified scope of metal in carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous can reduce the risk exposure of the group. Other businesses in chemicals, engineering plastics, and building materials will compliment the group’s sustainable growth in the Indonesian market.

Sutindo for Employees

Sutindo for Distributors